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Why become a reseller of Cloudwebservices?

99.9% Uptime Indication

Our server hardware is redundant on internet connection, power and storage. As a result, there will be almost nothing noticeable if a system or network has problems.

Safety first!

We ensure that your website is always safe and fast. The servers are well secured and are updated every month. In addition, we monitor our server for errors 24/7.

Our Dedicated Support

Problems are of course never fun. In case of problems we are there to help you. We are also available in the evenings and at the weekend. So that you are never without support.

TLDRegisterMoving awayRefresh
domain name com icon€6.95Free€6.95
domain name com icon€6.95€6.95€6.95
domain name com icon€6.95€6.95€6.95
domain name com icon€6.95€6.95€13.00
domain name com icon€16.00€16.00€16.00
domain name com icon€6.95€6.95€13.00

We offer

Standard to resellers

A well-arranged control panel

To make it as easy as possible for you as a reseller, we have set up a customer panel with which you can easily serve your customers and add or order products yourself. No contact with us is required.

Secure SFTP connection

Our web server only accepts secure TLS connections. As a result, the connection is also secured with FTP against viewers. Very useful if, for example, you send sensitive information to a website.

cPanel Hosting Control

All our web hosting packages are powered by cPanel. The world's leading software package for web hosting management. With cPanel it is also possible to manage your website from your mobile phone!

The fastest PCIe SSD storage

The power of our web hosting platform is in the PCIe SSDs. Modern webhosters have an enterprise SSD in their servers, we go one step further with the fastest SSD in the server class.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Experience the new hosting with us! A standard hosting package with others are usually equipped with standard Apache or NGINX web servers. Our web servers use the leading LiteSpeed Web Server software for speed and future stability. We are therefore one of the few who support TLS v1.3 and QUIC! A nice plus.

Extensive security

Both your mail and your website are protected against viruses and malware. We scan software for threats every hour and send you a message immediately if something is wrong.

100% compliant with the most up to date standards, safety first!

More information?

Convinced? Or more information about reselling?

14 day money back guarantee

Not what you were looking for? That's no problem! With all services you get 14 days to cancel this free of charge.

Build and secure your business

Our servers are always equipped with the latest updates and the hardware is constantly monitored. With this we guarantee the security for your server and applications.