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Why Cloud web services?

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our servers have a double internet connection. This allows us to guarantee a high uptime and you will never notice anything if there is something.

Safety first!

We ensure that your website is always safe and fast. The servers are well secured and are updated every month. In addition, we monitor our server for errors 24/7.

Our Dedicated Support

Problems are of course never fun. In case of problems we are there to help you. We are also available in the evenings and at the weekend. So that you are never without support.

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Frequently asked ask

Shared Hosting

No, it is completely unmanaged - if you encounter problems with the server, you can contact support. We can of course help with a few problems if you can't figure it out.

Each web hosting package has a fixed number of databases. For example, you can run 5 websites for the Web hosting basic package.

For static and dynamic websites, the maximum number of domain names that may be added is equal to the number of databases.

Every night around 2:00 am the backups are made of the database and all your files and folders. All of which (even per file) can be reset to 7 days in the past. You can request this at support. Or perform a backup yourself via cPanel.

If your website threatens to become larger than your package allows, you will automatically receive an email when you are nearly at your limit. Just like your mobile provider does. If you go over this, your website will not go offline, you can only add something again if:

  • You deleted certain files on your package.
  • More storage has been purchased.

So make sure that you purchase a sufficiently high package that matches your expected use.

This depends a lot on your website. If you have a light website, you will not notice it as much if many visitors come to you.

If you have a large, heavy website, then of course it goes slower. This is not due to the server. All websites are in a sort of "container". If 1 website consumes a lot of resources from the server, then this is limited to the number of designated resources.

The higher your package, the higher the "threshold" for the number of designated resources. In this way we guarantee that other websites are not bothered by busy websites or inefficient codes.

That is certainly possible. Please contact us for this sales team

VPS Hosting

No, it is completely unmanaged - if you encounter problems with your server, you can contact support. We can of course help with a few problems if you can't figure it out.

Because IPv4 addresses are becoming increasingly scarce, there are costs associated with each IPv4 address issued, there are no limits on how much that may be for your server. IPv6 does not of course have this problem. That is why every server receives a / 112 range from us. Which equals 65,536 addresses!

No Unfortunately not. This is not technically possible. If you want to downgrade your server, you will receive a new vDisk where everything must be reinstalled.

No, we can only restart, disable and enable your server. Your files are on the SSD or PCIe SSD. We do not have access to the contents of the disk connected to your server. Your files are only visible by yourself.

That is certainly possible. Please contact us for this sales team

Email Hosting

That is of course annoying. Below is a checklist to ensure that all e-mail protections have been implemented:

  1. DKIM introduced and checked?
  2. SPF entered and checked?
  3. DMARC record not set too strict?
  4. Are your e-mails not classified as "standard"?

If you do not know how to check or set this up, we advise you to contact support.

If you purchase e-mail hosting from us, then your mailbox will support the following:

  • IPv6
  • SPF
  • DKIM - 2048 Bits
  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • Mailing lists
  • Aliases
  • Forward

By default, your service uses our SpamTitan spam filter.

It is possible that the mail has been blocked by the spam filter. If you suspect this, we advise you to contact support. Then we can release the mail for your mailbox.

Payment and invoicing

We send all invoices 7 days before the next invoice date. You have 14 days to pay the invoice, as agreed in the general terms and conditions.

Through our payment system you get the option between different well-known payment portals:

  • Automatic collection - iDeal
  • Direct debit - PayPal
  • One-time payment - iDeal
  • Single payment - Bancontact
  • One-time payment - PayPal

We have iDeal for Dutch customers and we support Bancontact, Belfius and SOFORT for our Belgian customers.
We have PayPal for international customers.

Our automatic collection company Mollie needs up to 24 hours before their systems see your amount. This varies from bank to bank. You can easily check your payment if it has already arrived via this link: Mollie payment checker

In the unlikely event that a problem arises with your financial situation, we will not make it difficult for the first time to extend the end date. Below is a summary of your invoice:

For the end date

We will send the new invoice 7 days before the end of your contract. You then have 14 days to pay for this.

You will receive a payment reminder 1 day before the end date if we have not yet received your payment.

After the end date

8 days after the end date we will send the first payment delay mail. No collection costs are added yet.

11 days after the end date we will send a second reminder for the payment of your invoice. Here too, no collection costs are added yet.

The third and final payment reminder will be sent 14 days after the end date. Again no collection costs are added here.

16 days after the end date we send an email that again no payment has yet been received and collection costs of € 40 excl. VAT have been added to the invoice. This is the legal collection costs that we may calculate up to invoices of € 2500.

21 days after the end date your services present on the invoice are stopped and the actions surrounding your invoice are taken over by a collection agency. All costs incurred during this process will be charged to you together with the invoice amount + collection costs.

Direct debits

For direct debit, the amount is always debited from your bank on the end date. You don't have to worry about it.

If the direct debit fails, we will send you an e-mail to inform you as soon as possible and the invoice must be paid manually. The count after the end date of your invoice then applies.