Data center renewal at Cloudwebservices!

Dear Customer,

First of all, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019!

Because of the success of Cloudweb services and its services. We will upgrade our server park in early 2019 with the latest hardware, within a hyper modern new data center.

Our new colocation provider Hostslim

Together with their years of existence and a new hyper-modern data center, which is still under construction, we can continue to grow undisturbed in the future for you and the customers who are still arriving.

The servers have been ordered and have already come in for testing and will end up in the new data center in Lelystad at the end of January.

Cloud servers (VPS) get their own management tool and new servers!

For technology lovers and also for customers who are curious about what a data center looks like here a link to the live blog of the construction.

The new servers will have options that were not available to Cloudweb services customers before. Below a number of summaries:

  • Cloud servers (VPS) can be created within 1 minute.
  • Cloud servers (VPS) can be configured and managed from the customer panel.
  • Extensive statistics on the use of your VPS will soon be available in the customer panel
  • Buy IP addresses and add them to your VPS without the intervention of us.
  • Possibility to upload your own ISO to your VPS.
  • Possibility to switch your VPS off or on yourself, as well as to restart.
  • More options will be in the Knowledge base described in detail!

Redundancy (or better known as fail-over) is of course very important for us and our customers. At the end of March, the planning is for the servers to work in a cluster. This means that from then on all servers will have access to fail-over. 

If 1 server fails with your VPS or needs to be upgraded, then your VPS will be without continue the interruption on the next server in the cluster. This allows us to guarantee an unprecedented high uptime for your VPS!

In the attachments you will find an image that the future VPS control panel should form within the customer panel. We would love to hear what you think!

This renewal will ensure that Cloudweb services will soon have their servers 100% under own management has. Which of course will only bring benefits to the customer.

The servers

This may be the nicest and most interesting part of this email.

The servers have AMD EPYC 7000 series CPUs. Specifically the AMD EPYC 7251. These CPUs will run at 2.9 GHz. Multiple customers will now think, why not an Intel? We would like to explain that:

AMD now only controls 1-2% of the server market. Of course very little, but there is certainly a good reason why we think that the AMD EPYC line will increase strongly in the server market.
The number of cores of a server for virtual machines is of course very important. The more cores, the more customers can be on 1 server. Of course Cloudwebservices does not engage in "overselling". That means that we don't put more customers on 1 server than the server can actually handle if all customers use 100% of their resources. Because of this we have to strike a good balance between the price and core count of the servers.

The choice of AMD EPYC is then very simple. Many cores for less than necessary. Intel is, after all, a lot more expensive than AMD. This of course does not mean that there is a compromise on performance! On the contrary, the performance is the same, for less costs!

This will give us the power to upgrade more servers if necessary, and the lower cost per core gives everyone a guarantee that we can continue to do this.

The migration

After the servers hang in the rack, the VPSs will be migrated. You will receive an email when this happens. No worries! There is no chance that data could be lost.

After the migration you will receive a new e-mail by VPS with the new IP addresses and data. These will be visible in the customer panel within a few hours, as well as the graphs and options.

We have also thought of our web hosting customers!

Being a web host is of course not easy. We can compete on price, but then of course you won't last that long. We can be the fastest, but for that you need customers again. Very difficult if we are such a small company. 

The real solution is to continue what we are good at. Offering the fastest servers for a price that only benefits you as a customer!

An upgrade is also planned for the web hosting platform. This will start at the beginning of March and be completed at the end of April. After this, all websites will be migrated to the new servers. 

No worries! We ensure that you will not notice the "switch" and will send you an e-mail when this will happen.

More information will follow as the new platform takes its first steps.

With best regards,

Bryan Barbolina
CEO - Cloud web services